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2021 NHL Draft Odds, Props and Best Bets



2021 nhl draft odds, props and best bets

Owen Power knocks defenders down in front of him

FILE – In this December 8, 2020 file photo, Michigan’s Owen Power, 22, watches the puck as it works against Minnesota’s Cullen Munson, 13, during an NCAA hockey game in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Ann Arbor became a must-see scouting trail with an exciting Wolverines line-up with a trio of highly acclaimed newbies in defenseman Owen Power and strikers Kent Johnson and Mathew Beniers. (AP photo / Al Goldis, file)

  • Owen Power is still a big favorite, picked first by the Buffalo Sabers in the 2021 NHL Entry Draft
  • Will the Seattle Kraken overtake Mathew Beniers in second? What other over / under could be interesting?
  • Read below for the odds, insights, and bet selection

The 2021 NHL Entry Draft is just around the corner. It’s time to take a look at who could be first, second, and so on. There will even be a couple of surprises.

In addition to the one the Buffalo Sabers choose for the first overall pick on Friday evening, the Seattle Kraken is in second place. Will you vote for Mathew Beniers as many are expecting, or will you turn to someone else?

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NHL Entry Draft 2021 odds for number one selection

Owen Power-1100
Matthew Beniers+500
William Eklund+1900
Brandt Clarke+6000
Luke Hughes+6000
Simon Edvinsson+6000

July 22nd odds from FanDuel

A random power doesn’t come first?

Again, the odds above seem to suggest that this isn’t an overly likely scenario. Power is expected to come first at -1100. What’s even worse for bettors out there is the over / under prop. This prop has a rougher chance at -1400. This makes it difficult to put those below 1.5. Sure, you can roll the dice and try to get the over at +700.

The Buffalo Sabers are not expected to trade the top pick.

Sounds like they’re designing Owen Power first overall.

I’m not against drafting power, it’s the safe move, but if you already have your franchise defenders in Dahlin and want to swap your franchise forward for acorn, then why not design a striker?

– Suffalo-Babres (@suffalobabres) July 22, 2021

Even on Friday night, anything could happen again. However, Kevyn Adams, general manager of the Sabers, has said several times that they will pick the best player available. This also applies if you have to wait. There are rumors that Power may return to Michigan to play college hockey.

Anyway, it looks likely that Power will be Buffalo’s choice.

Will Matthew Beniers leave at two?

What do the odds say? Let’s take a look below.

NHL Entry Draft Number Two Selection Odds

Matthew Beniers-300
William Eklund+750
Dylan Günther+750
Brandt Clarke+1100
Mason McTavish+1100
Owen Power+1500

July 22nd odds from FanDuel

There could be a little more discussion here. Nobody is quite sure who Kraken GM Ron Francis will choose. Somewhat more certain is that Beniers is unlikely to fall to fifth place or below.

The University of Michigan could see the forward play hockey for them this year, and he could be with Power and even Kent Johnson. There is a possibility that all three outstanding will be included in the top 10 of the overall ranking.

2022 Stanley Cup odds tracker

As for Beniers, we’ve again combed through a lot of scouting reports, sham drafts, and the like. One of the best in the business, Russ Cohen, also got him second after Seattle.

The expansion draft showed that Seattle was a little poor in the middle position (see above). Yanni Gourde is not a number one center and Beniers could be on time. Seattle also seems to want to be patient with developments. Here is a little more about the view.

Matthew Beniers University of Michigan.

“Beniers plays a strong 200-foot game and fights hard in puck fights along the boards. His engine seems to keep moving every time he steps on the ice as he has a great work ethic and elite skills to move the piece forward. ” # 2021NHL design

– Clare McManus (@claremcmanuss) July 22, 2021

The big thing that stood out with Beniers and his odds was the fact that his propellers under 2.5 on DraftKings matched the -300 chance of being selected number two on FanDuel. It just looks like it matches everything seen before the design.

After the second pick, things might get interesting. However, the first two picks seem like Power and Beniers as the best choices.

Other first-round props

The NHL Entry Draft could get a little wild here.

The next question might be what are the safer props among the potential top 10 players. When looking through the odds, the third to seventh choices can go in both directions. William Eklund is expected to be somewhere in this range, which is why his numbers tilt to -255, so he will be picked on seventh or earlier. It’s our best and safest bet out of this group.

NHL Entry Draft Over / Under Odds

Brandt ClarkeO 8.5 (-115), U 8.5 (-115)
Chaz LuciusO 10.5 (-210), U 10.5 (+165)
Dylan GüntherU 3.5 (-115), O 3.5 (-115)
Kent JohnsonO 9.5 (-115), U 9.5 (-115)
Luke HughesU 4.5 (-130), O 4.5 (+100)
Mason McTavishO 6.5 (-115), U 6.5 (-115)
Matthew BeniersU 2.5 (-300), O 2.5 (+220)
Owen PowerU 1.5 (-1400), O 1.5 (+700)
Simon EdvinssonO 5.5 (-115), U 5.5 (-115)
William EklundU 7.5 (-255), O 7.5 (+190)

July 22nd odds from DraftKings

Here are a few more tips for Friday night. Again, a lot depends on whether trades are made in the top 10 or not at all.

    • Chaz Lucius (U 10.5 at +165)
    • Dylan Günther (O 3.5 at -115)
    • Kent Johnson (U 9.5 at -115)

It will be impressive to see three players from the University of Michigan make it into the top 10. Lets see what happens.

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Sports journalist

A seasoned journalist for over two decades, Chris has taught the range of fantasy hockey online, from injuries to news to prospects and more. He has wagered on multiple sports and has written sports betting articles on the NBA, MLB, NCAA football, the NFL and NHL for USA Today.


A seasoned journalist for over two decades, Chris has taught the range of fantasy hockey online, from injuries to news to prospects and more. He has wagered on multiple sports and has written sports betting articles on the NBA, MLB, NCAA football, the NFL and NHL for USA Today.

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