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AJ Allmendinger disqualified from NASCAR race at Watkins Glen



aj allmendinger disqualified from nascar race at watkins glen

AllmendingerComment after being disqualifiedAgain,

Austin Cindric pitted fromThe lead came late in the NASCAR Xfinity Series race at Watkins Glen International. He was wearing new tires and was determined to return to the front.

Cindric is on the inside of turn one, with 2 laps remaining. AllmendingerHe moved to the right to block. He ran him towards the inside wall, stopped his momentum, and held the lead until turn 2.

AllmendingerThe inside line leading into the bus stop was blocked. Cindric could not pass this section as it was blocked.

Cindric is firmly attached to the rear bumper Allmendinger into carousel. He pulled him out of the primary groove, and moved to lead.

The carousel’s outside lane was wide enough to allow for a wider run. Allmendinger a run into turn six. He ran back to Cindric’s bumper and gave him a shove. Cindric locked up his left front and ran large. Allmendingerdrove back to the top.

Turn seven AllmendingerHe got loose and ran wild all by himself. Cindric gave Cindric a run and they raced to the white flag.

Cindric took the lead in the run to turn 1. AllmendingerCindric drove off into the distance, after having lost his nose in dirty air. raceIn a thrilling atmosphere race!

AJ Allmendinger - Kaulig Racing - Watkins Glen InternationalAJ Allmendinger – Kaulig Racing – Watkins Glen International

NASCARDisqualification for Xfinity Series at Watkins Glen International

AllmendingerOn the 2.45 mile course, he led 24 laps out of 82. That’s a raceMonster Energy’s former full-time Monster Energy employee was highly regarded NASCAR Cup Series driver.

Cars must also pass the post-testing.raceInspection at Watkins Glen International. The No. The No. 10 Kaulig Racing entry was not passed inspection.

Officials discovered that No. Officials discovered that the No. 10 machine was too low on the right and left rear corners. This infraction results in automatic disqualification as a result of a new penalty process atThe start of 2019

Minimum height doesn’t exist in the Monster Energy NASCARCup Series. Both the Xfinity Series as well as Truck Series must have a minimum height.

AJ AllmendingerComment on Disqualification

“I can go into a full description of why it was low from contact early in the race on a restart,” AJ AllmendingerShortly after the announcement of disqualification, it was tweeted.

“The issues we struggled with after cause track bar mount was bent and oil tank getting hung on the coil of the spring the rest of the race. But just doesnt f***ing matter.”

“Still when you put ur heart into a race, the team works hundreds of hours to prepare and something like this happens doesnt make it any easier. Right or wrong still breaks my heart. I had nothing left when I got out of the car and it doesn’t even show as a result. Just hard. Sorry.”

Wayne Auton Allmendinger’s disqualification

“The first thing that we do is we inspect the car fully. All the body panels of it,” says Xfinity Series managing director Wayne Auton.

“We didn’t see any foreseeable damage on the car. We can’t really get into the weeds as far as how much it was low and stuff like that because the appeal process is in place now.”

The violation can be appealed. However, they must submit the appeal by 12 o’clock Monday.

This marks the second posting ofraceInfraction Allmendinger. He was also disqualified atDaytona was just weeks before.

A series director was asked whether a second offense would result in harsher penalties.

“We’ll talk about it. But, I think anytime you get DQ’d, that’s a pretty big penalty in itself. We consider this race closed now. The other cars have passed inspection.”

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