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Chili Bowl Nationals: Fight (Video)



chili bowl nationals: fight (video)

You can watch the drama starting Tuesday night on the Chili Bowl Nationals

Ahead of Tuesday’s Chili BowlMatt Ward, Nationals race director, gave a simple message for the drivers. To paraphrase, he basically said to the drivers that if the drivers want to fight they should do it on the racetrack, driver against driver.

You can watch the video Chili BowlBelow is fight video and the incident on-track that led to it.

He stated that they would fight on the ramp. “You’re out of here. We can’t control it.”

These are huge teams. It is common for fights to occur on the ramp and end in a brawl between multiple crew members. Officials don’t want that, and they made it clear.

Steven Snyder Jr. vs Jeb Sessesums

Drama broke out at the B-Main. The race was the final chance for drivers to qualify for the night’s main event. Only four of the four top drivers will advance to the final.

More importantly, making the main event on a preliminary night means jumping forward by several letters in Saturday’s alphabet soup races.

Carson Sousa flipped over and became hung from the safety fence wire. The red flag was raised. The red flag was displayed to drivers who waited for safety crews.

Jeb Sessums began the race in the fourth position. Steven Snyder Jr won and won the KKM Classic, his first professional achievement. Chili Bowl start.

On lap 16 of 20, Snyder Jr was going for it in an attempt to qualify for Tuesday’s main. He drove it into turn three and pulled the slider, trying to clear Sessums in the final transfer spot.

Not clear. Steven Snyder Jr. hit Sessums with his right rear tire. Sessums was pushed onto the cushion, and the car entered a violent barrel roll. The car fell on its back.

Sessums quickly climbed out of the car. Sessums removed his gloves and waited to see if the field would coast around.

Officials were present around Sessums. They pointed to his safety cart, his new ride. Sessums had different ideas.

Sessums began walking down the banks after the field returned. Steven Snyder Jr. was the target of his middle finger.

Jeb Sessums throws the bird at Steven Synder JrJeb Sessums chucks the bird at Steven Synder Jr.

Jeb Sessums Comments

Sessums was given a microphone moments after giving the bird.

“Oh, you know, just someone who has too much money. Just renting a ride, decided to wa-pow me,”Flo Sports was told by Sessums

“It’s just part of the Chili Bowl, I guess. You got these young kids out here.”

Sessums were added “Little bit of frustration. I hate it for Dan & Patricia Harris, they gave me a great car. Just part of the Chili Bowl. We’ll come back Saturday and go through the alphabet soup.”

Second incident for Snyder with Brayton Lynch

Steven Snyder Jr. remained in the fight for the transfer spot after the race was re-enabled. The same move was made on Brayton Lynch.

Again, it’s unclear. Snyder Jr. ran his right back into Lynch’s left front. Lynch leapt the cushion and rolled into a roll.

Snyder caused an accident for the second time in the same race.

Chili Bowl Fight
Chili Bowl Fight

Steven Snyder Jr. was disqualified and awarded the black flag. It’s a rare situation for the bullring dirt racing event. The crowd cheered from the stands.

Snyder Jr drove up the ramp and off the track. There were many angry people waiting.

Four members of the Keith Kunz Motorsports crew began pushing Snyder Jr’s machine back to the team hauler. Meanwhille, a crew member from another team ran up to the driver’s window to have a word.

A word can become two or more. The conversation went on for longer than crew members expected. KKM crew member began pushing the man to the side.

The man responded by pushing back. A KKM crew member then threw a punch. The man was immediately taken to the ground.

“Knock it off,”A Chili BowlOfficial shouted.

“He took two cars out,”A separate crew member replied.

Following the altercation, one member of the Dan & Patricia Harris-owned team was removed from the event.

Steven Snyder Jr. Comments

Steven Snyder Jr. issued an apology on social media after the event.

He said, “I want to apologize for everything tonight, I made a big mistake and there’s no way around it, I learned a big lesson tonight. I can’t thank everyone enough for this opportunity.”

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Chili Bowl

On track incident: Steven Snyder Jr & Jeb Sessums


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