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College Football Odds Project Same CFP Teams Despite Clemson Loss



college football odds project same cfp teams despite clemson loss

College Football Odds for Clemson Tigers to make CFP in 2021-22

It wasn’t pretty, but the #2 University of Georgia Bulldogs got it done last weekend and defeated the Clemson Tigers who were ranked second at the time by a score of 10 to 3.

Several new lows were set for Clemson’s offense against the Bulldogs, but according to the NCAAF odds posted at popular online college football betting sites, the Tigers are still very much in the running for qualifying for the CFP.

2021-2022 NCAA Championship Odds

  • Alabama+250
  • Georgia+450
  • Clemson+600
  • Ohio State+600
  • Oklahoma+700

Judging by the above CFP betting line, the Clemson Tigers are expected to earn one of the final four College Football Playoff spots by winning the Atlantic Coast Conference.

Online sports gamblers need to consider the dominance not only of the Power Five Conferences. But also of the SEC (and ACC) when placing bets on College Football Playoffs. Oklahoma, the Big 12 winner, is the fifth most likely choice in the CFP betting odds for 2021-22.

A spot in the CFP is almost always given to the Big Ten winner. Since the introduction of the NCAAF Playoffs system, Ohio State has been the dominant force in that Conference.

With Georgia’s clutch performance against Clemson, they’re now positioned to make a three-month-long trek through the Southeastern Conference where it appears they can now suffer a loss and still make the College Football Playoffs.

Even the Dogs could lose a game and miss the SEC Conference Championship Game, December, but still qualify for CFP.

Despite the Tigers’ struggles to get the ball moving downfield against the Bulldogs, there is still plenty of reason for optimism in regard to the remainder of the season.

The Miami Hurricanes were expected to be a formidable opponent, and they are showing signs of life, but after a 44-13 shellacking by the Crimson Tide in South Florida, “the U” may be a season or two away.

The North Carolina Tarheels, who were defeated 17-10 by the Virginia Tech Hokies, are the next most likely ACC candidate in the NCAA Football odds to bet on the CFP National Champion.

The Florida State Seminoles appear to be back on track for success after a stunning overtime loss to the Notre Dame Fighting Irish, but they’re also likely a season away from relevance before giving Clemson a challenge.

Now, the real question is whether or not the Clemson-Tigers will lose during their regular-season Atlantic Coast Conference schedule. If they do, there is a legitimate chance that the ACC could be excluded entirely from this year’s CFP final four.

When glancing at the top end of any other Power Five Conference in NCAA Football, there’s no doubt that the ACC comes in near the bottom of that list.

It’d be hard to deny the undefeated Oklahoma Sooners or Iowa State Cyclones or Texas Longhorns programs from the Big 12 entry into the 2021-22 Conference Football Program. This is true for any other Big 12 Conference team that finishes the regular season with a single loss.

We’d argue that making a run through the Big 12 with a single loss is a much more difficult endeavor than attempting the same feat in the ACC, and we’ll spend the next dozen weeks or so laying some action on College Football odds based on those projections.

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