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Every Electric Pickup Truck Currently on the Horizon



every electric pickup truck currently on the horizon

  • Many automakers, established and new, have announced plans of building all-electric pickup truck models.
  • We collected all theElectric trucks on theHorizon: From Tesla’s Cybertruck to Ford F-150 Lightning.
  • You can find more brands that offer electric pickups. theComing years.

    Deliveries began for theRivian R1T pickups and theThe Hummer electric pickup, and the Hummer E-V pickup are now a reality. Many more are in the works. They are coming from theFord and Chevrolet are the top-selling mainstream pickups. theTesla is the largest seller of EVs. Here are our top picks. theGrowing number of EVs that have cargo beds are available from both established companies and start-ups.

    Ford F-150 Lightning

    2022 ford f150 lightning

    John RoeCar and Driver

    Ford builds the best-selling pickup truck in theIt is an important decision by Ford to make an all-electric version of its F-150 Lightning pickup truck. Ford F-150 Lightning electric pickup truck will be available. on sale in theSpring starting at $41,669 the entry-level Pro model. There will be pricier XLT, Lariat and Platinum trims. Standard all-wheel drive with an electric motor at each wheel. theF-150 Lightning receives energy either from a standard 98.0-kWh pack of batteries or an optional 131.0-kWh unit. The former affords a combined peak of 426 horsepower and a manufacturer-estimated driving range of around 230 miles. Opt for theLarger pack and theThe output of a truck jumps to 563 horse power, the driving range reaches a manufacturer-estimated 300 miles.–Joey Capparella

    Chevrolet Silverado Electric

    2024 chevrolet silverado ev

    Michael SimariCar and Driver

    Unlike theFord F-150 Lightning shares many of its body panels and features with its gas-fed counterpart. the 2024 Chevrolet Silverado EV looks almost nothing like the Silverado 1500 it complements in the bow-tie brand’s model line. Regardless, theAll-wheel-drive Silverado EV offers a lot of promise. It can be credited to the use of General Motors’s Ultium electrical vehicle components. the truck to travel up to a manufacturer-estimated 400 miles onA full payment is required. Sales will begin in 2023 with Chevy prioritizing. the fleet-oriented Silverado EV WT grade over theEnjoy the likes the more stylish (and pricey) Trail Boss and RST trims.–Greg Fink

    GMC Sierra EV

    2023 gmc sierra ev

    GMC Hummer EV to get a smaller sibling theelectric Sierra This model will largely mirror the previous one. the Chevy Silverado EV. We expect the following: theSierra EV will offer up to 400 mile driving range, and many other benefits. theChevy’s body panels. We bet theSierra EV will be available on sale in 2023.–Greg Fink

    Tesla Cybertruck

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    Tesla wants people forget everything they know regarding pickup trucks. The unusual shape of the pickup truck is a wedge and it has a DeLorean-esque shell made from stainless-steel. theCybertruck is sure to depart from the segment’s long-held conventions. It’s also scratchproof, dentproof, and bulletproof. Tesla claims that the Tesla Model S can tow upto 14,000lbs and drive over 500 miles. onOne charge only is true theCybertruck will be even more powerful than ever theCurrent Ford F-150 will have a longer range that any other EV on the market. The all-electric pickup boasts impressive performance claims. It can reach zero to 60 mph in under three seconds. Additionally, it has an adjustable air suspension that can offer up to 16 inches ground clearance. If this sounds like Tesla, it is. theCybertruck will be faster than a Porsche, more capable off-road, and stronger that all other vehicles. theThe best-selling half-ton truck, that’s not too far-fetched. Tesla said it originally theVehicle would be available in 2022. But now it is gone the Cybertruck’s production timeline from its website altogether, so when—or if—theIt is anyone’s guess when Cybertruck will be revealed. –Eric Stafford

    Bollinger B2

    Land vehicle, Vehicle, Car, Automotive tire, Off-road vehicle, Tire, Bumper, Automotive exterior, Sport utility vehicle, Automotive wheel system,


    Bollinger B2 has been long promised. theMost expensive theNew electric trucks will be available at $125,000 The sum covers B2 buyers geared axle Hubs, hydropneumatic Suspension, and theCapacity to transport 16-foot-long lumber the tailgate closed. Make that plural tailgates. There is one. on theFront, also, would we guess make it a frontgate Is that a grillegate? Thanks to its exotic suspension and drivetrain—which is like a cross between a Hummer H1 and a Citroën DS—theB2’s gross vehicle weight is 10,001 pounds. It is classified as a Class 3 medium truck. theEyes of the Federal Highway Administration. This is why there are no airbags. It features locking diffs and disconnecting sway bar front and back, as well as up to 20 inches ground clearance. theB2 should be a monster offroad. And despite looking like a cubist take onJeep Gladiator the B2’s on-road stats are impressive: 614 horsepower, 668 pound-feet of torque, and a manufacturer-estimated 4.5-second zero-to-60-mph time. The vehicle’s range is 200 miles. This isn’t too far considering it has a 142.0 kWh battery. But, the range is still quite good. on theList of priorities at B2. –Ezra Dyer

    Lordstown Endurance

    lordstown endurance

    Lordstown Motors

    Lordstown stated that it would accept $1000 deposits. theEndurance and theA startup EV maker was released in the meantime theThe full specifications of the upcoming truck are available. Lordstown claims that the Endurance will be able to travel more than 250 miles thanks to its 109.0-kWh lithium-ion battery pack. The pickup will be able to tow 7500 pounds and produce 600 horsepower. Intended as a fleet vehicle—although it will be available to individual customers—theEndurance can travel at 80 mph. Production of theEndurance has been delayed numerous times. theCompany has been in financial trouble. The company has been in financial difficulties. theFoxconn’s still-unfinished factory for iPhone maker Foxconn. It would assemble the truck. As of the writing of this article theEndurance is the future on sale late in 2022. –Colin Beresford

    Toyota Tacoma EV

    2024 toyota tacoma electric pickup


    Toyota has shown off an electric pickup truck that it intends to make recently thein the coming years. Japanese automaker Toyota shared little information. theVehicle itself, however, we believe theTruck previews the next-generation Tacoma—albeit in EV form.–Greg Fink

    Canoo Pickup Truck

    2023 canoo pickup concept

    Car and Driver

    Take a look at the Canoo Pickup TruckAs an analog of a modern electric vehicle theVolkswagen Transporter, Dodge A100 and Chevy Corvair pickups from years past. Similar to these models theCanoo’s cab-forward design forgoes formal hoods (or frunks) in favor of a cab-forward design. thecase of EV truck). As a result, the Canoo Pickup TruckIt is unlike any other pickup on the market today. Despite this, theCanoo’s versatility is comparable to today’s mid-size pickups. It’s actually more versatile than today’s mid-size pickups, due to its frontgate and bed’s sidegates as well as the tailgate and tailgate. Canoo’s timeline the Pickup TruckThis is a rather vague statement. theAutomaker simply stating theThe model will launch in 2023. If everything goes according plan, then you might be able to look for the Canoo Pickup TruckOffering both rear-wheel-drive and all-wheel drive powertrain options with more than 200 miles driving range on a full charge, and north of 500 horses in its most powerful state of tune.–Greg Fink

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