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Genius Sports proves it isn’t ready to slow down



genius sports proves it isn't ready to slow down

Genius Sports proves it isn't ready to slow down

A detailed view of the Genius Sports logo on a car. Chris Trotman / Getty Images / AFP

Genius Sports saw an opportunity to expand its reach within the exploding global legal sports betting scene and has been aggressive, to say the least, in its attempts to do so. Genius Sports is already “a global leader in digital sports content, technology and integrity services” and has seen an expansion rupture recently. A few steps over the past week have cemented its status as an elite brand.

Genius Sports has a pretty good grip on the data distribution angle in the legal sports betting industry, especially in the US scene. Over the past week, the data provider has taken steps to expand its reach and expand its offering by purchasing FanHub, free game and software developers, and Second Spectrum, a company dedicated to artificial intelligence and its integration in the United States, to acquire legal sports betting sphere.

What Fanhub brings to the table

Genius Sports’ first big step last week was the acquisition of FanHub, which enables Genius Sports customers in the US and around the world a more personalized betting experience. Hopefully, a better overall experience will lead to increased fan engagement and customer loyalty.

“The FanHub acquisition offers our sports, betting and media partners exciting new content platforms that fully complement our established data, video and marketing solutions,” said Mark Locke, CEO of Genius Sports. “This transaction is expected to expand Genius Sports’ global audience and reach while accelerating the convergence of sports, betting and media to excite the modern fan.”

FanHub is not a new name in legal sports betting. Thanks to its world-class proprietary technology, the company has been one of the world’s leading providers of free-to-play games (F2P) and fan engagement solutions for years.

Last week’s deal brings with it not only a ton of legal sports betting experience, but FanHub’s impressive selection of F2P games, including fantasy sports, trivia, bracket challenges, pick’em, and polling games. Also included are FanHub’s existing relationships with NFL, MLB, MLS, Betway and PointsBet.

Which second spectrum brings to the table

With Genius Sports’ second deal of the week, they signaled that they are all-in on the technical side of the legal sports betting business. As part of a $ 200 million deal, Genius is acquiring data tracking and analytics provider Second Spectrum for artificial intelligence, which, like FanHub, brings existing high-level EPL, NBA and MLS relationships into the Genius Sports group.

“We are very excited to be joining the Genius Sports family,” said Rajiv Maheswaran, CEO of Second Spectrum, in the press release. “Second Spectrum’s mission, combined with the scope and drive of Genius Sports, to be at the forefront of innovation in the sports ecosystem will accelerate content creation and experience quickly and deliver significant value for our partners and customers.”

Second Spectrum is described as a fully integrated sports AI provider that provides its customers with tracking, analytics and data visualization services designed to maximize their customers’ betting experience. It allows

For the latest statistics transmissions for teams, leagues and data partners in the field of legal sports betting.

With Second Spectrum, Genius Sports can take customer experience to an entirely different level.

Other prudent genius sports moves

FanHub and Second Spectrum are add-ons to the great job Genius Sports has done over the months before. Perhaps the company’s biggest coup came about six weeks ago when it became the exclusive distributor of valuable NFL gambling data in sports betting. The deal is valued at $ 1 billion when due. This deal alone brought Genius to the fore.

Previously, in addition to its NFL partnership, Genius Sports was busy building relationships with the NBA, Premier League, NCAA, NASCAR and PGA Tour. In total, Genius Sports has more than 500 organizational partnerships around the world.

Then there’s a deal with blank check company dMY Technology Acquisition II that allows Genius Sports to be a publicly traded company and ultimately raise capital for even more expansion. Currently, Genius Sports has $ 145 million in cash with no financial debt.

looking ahead

Businesses will continue to look for new ways to part ways in the crowded and competitive world of legal sports betting. Genius Sports was a key player in this search and has managed to strengthen its brand through recently signed partnership and acquisition deals.

The need for unique and complete sports betting experiences is growing day by day and Genius is expected to be at the forefront. With cash and a fair share of momentum, expect a lot more from Genius Sports in the future.

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