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Is It Time to Crown The Browns



is it time to crown the browns?

NFL odds for AFC North in 2021-22 predict Browns will win

Tom Petty sang once. “the waiting is the hardest part,” and that certainly rings true in the city that houses the Rock N’ Roll Hall Of Fame, Cleveland, Ohio.

Cleveland does indeed rock, and local sports fans have been treated to championships in recent years from their beloved Cavaliers of the NBA and the newly re-named Guardians of Major League Baseball, but what’s up with the Browns?

They are one of 12 NFL teams that has yet to win a Super Bowl. Could 2021 see the Cleveland Browns winning the Lombardi Trophy for the first time? The first step will be to handle the AFC North’s battle-hardened players.

2021-22 AFC North Betting Odds

Baltimore Ravens+140+115+140
Cleveland Browns+140+150+120
Pittsburgh Steelers+425+425+400
Cincinnati Bengals+1200+2000+1200


Baltimore Ravens

Legal online NFL betting sites have posted futures odds for each Division, and once again the Ravens find themselves atop of the pecking order – with good reason. They’ve overtaken the Pittsburgh Steelers as the reigning champions of the AFC North featuring a young roster that’s built for the future.

The Ravens would probably win the Division this season without the abundance of talent that is in the Browns’ starting lineup. At least one online sportsbook predicts that Cleveland will take the AFC North in 2021-22.

We’re fans of consistency, and Baltimore is arguably the steadiest ship in the NFL at the moment. That said, we’re betting on the Ravens to win the AFC North, and MyBookie and BetOnline currently feature the most favorable moneyline at +140.

Cleveland Browns

Baker Mayfield, Jarvis Landry, Odell Beckham, Jr., Kareem Hunt, Nick Chubb, Miles Garrett – this is not a listing of potential league-wide Pro Bowl selections. These are not the only high-end players who make up the core of the Browns.

Cleveland made a good run to the postseason last season, before falling to the Kansas City Chiefs. However, they did it as a wildcard qualifier and not by winning AFC North.

It is difficult to legally bet on the NFL Playoffs. However, the Browns are coming off a strong season, and they should enter the year with reasonable expectations of winning the championship and some extra swagger.

Bets made on the Cleveland Browns should be made at Bovada and the +150 odds they’ve posted.

Pittsburgh Steelers

Just last season the Steelers were flirting with a perfect 16-0 campaign, and now they’re the projected third-place team in the AFC North according to the latest NFL odds across the board.

It is usually safe to bet on the Steelers winning the AFC North. However, oddsmakers may have been citing Ben Roethlisberger’s decline as an elite quarterback as the reason for their third place prediction. A few years ago, Peyton Manning, an old man, was able win a Super Bowl with just his veteran savvy. “Big Ben”It is not difficult to see the connection between a doctor’s perspective and your own.

We also like the addition of rookie running back out of Alabama, Najee Harris, and believe he will revitalize the Steelers’ offense this season. We expect the Steelers to compete for the last wild card spot, but not threaten to win the Division.

BetOnline or Bovada should place your Steelers wagers with their +140 odds.

Cincinnati Bengals

Joe Burrow, the second-year quarterback, is back in time for Week 1, and looks to build on his impressive rookie season.

Burrow leads a youthful but largely inexperienced group of gifted players that are hungry to bring Cincinnati to the top of the AFC but they’ve got a Division full of grizzly opponents to contend with first.

Bovada offers +2000 odds, which are 800 points apart from the closest book. However, the NFL moneyline odds have placed the Bengals in last in their 2021-22 AFC North predictions.

We’re not buying in on the Bengals just yet, but if you’ve got a hankering to bet on Cincinnati to win the AFC North, do so at Bovada for 20-to-1 payout potential.

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