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Kyle Busch frustrated as 5-year-old’s racing trailer stolen (Video)



NASCAR driver Kyle BuschComments on the theft

Easton Wright, 5 years old, is upset. “Because I have no car.”

The debut of the kindergarten racer was made in July 2021. The tiny driver dreamed of being a NASCAR racer.

But, his quarter-midget was stolenFrom the Tri Valley Quarter Midget Association parking lot. The family parked their family overnight in the Livermore parking lot.

A man pulled up in an stolen track after dark. He connected up to their racing trailerThen, he drove off.

“Robbers broke in and stole it,”The child spoke to KTVU.

The robbery occurred last Monday.

The stolenAfter it was abandoned, the track was later found in Pittsburg. It was abandoned in 1898. trailerAlso, it was recovered.

But the contents were gone. The thief broke the lock and took the items. trailerIt was empty. There are no tools, an air compressor or a race car.

The family takes a trip up and down the West coast to take part in races.

“This is the Little League of NASCAR,” said Tim Wright, Easton’s father.

“There’s really, possibly no worse of a person than a thief and especially somebody that goes and steals from children.”

“It’s heartbreaking that I had to tell my 5-year-old son that someone had broken in and stolen something of his,”He said.

Easton wept when he learned that his car had been stolen. stolen. They’re winter season is set to begin on Jan 15th.

“Can I have my car back?”He asked.

Easton WrightEaston Wright

Kyle BuschComments

This story is now viral on social networks. It was noticed by NASCAR drivers. Kyle Buschwhose son just joined the Quarter Midget ranks.

Kyle Busch tweeted, “Who steals from a kid? “Please keep ur eyes peeled n help Easton find his race car that was stolen in CA over the weekend.”

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The family has set up a Go Fund Me page. Nearly $6,000 has been raised as of Tuesday to support the child’s return to the track.

Click here to visit the Go Fund Me page.

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