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Milwaukee’s Big Bet on Giannis Antetokounmpo Pays Off With NBA Title



milwaukee's big bet on giannis antetokounmpo pays off with nba

Did the Milwaukee Bucks go all-in? Or did they trust themselves to run it back?


Milwaukee celebrated its first championship in 50 years on Tuesday. The Bucks were led by the franchise star, for whom they went out of their way to keep them. They designed a 19-year-old who had just started playing basketball a few years ago. They developed him and watch him relentlessly attack his career.

Giannis Antetokounmpo was the star they needed.

They added a Detroit second round player in Khris Middleton and watched him become one of the best guards in the league. They added young pieces like Pat Connaughton and Donte DiVincenzo. Brook Lopez left the Lakers and became an important part of their size and defense.

They hired Mike Budenholzer, and immediately everything was different. The team immediately exceeded expectations, becoming number 1 in the East with the best record in the league, only to miss in the conference finals against a fateful Toronto Raptors team (and runaway shootout by Fred VanVleet).

They left it behind. They thrust into the Miami Heat, which was the perfect antithesis to them in every way in the bubble, with no home court – amid strife and turmoil and a global pandemic – and were overthrown.

Giannis was ready for an extension. The pressure was great to fire Budenholzer due to playoff fights in order to adapt and adapt. It was thought that everything could fall apart. So many superstars in Giannis’ possession had taken it easy, got a deal, and enjoyed the advantages of a shiny new town on a coast.

The Bucks took the step.

They swapped everything. Her starting point guard (who was handed out to Milwaukee for two first rounds) and five – FIVE (!!!) – first round picks for Jrue Holiday, who only made one All-Star appearance seven years earlier.

This deal lowers the franchise if the bet doesn’t pay off. When Antetokounmpo looks at it and says, “No, I would prefer it to be easier. I’ll just go to the Warriors. ”The Bucks have sunk completely. You’d have a good squad without a superstar with no debt for half a decade.

They even swung out on the other train to add Bogdan Bogdanovic. This deal was thwarted by either: A) manipulation fees; B) a better deal from the Hawks; or, C) Bogdanovic’s agent who – let’s just say – has an interesting past in the discussions of the free agencies.

Milwaukee Bucks star Giannis Antetokounmpo smiles at a 2016 contract renewal press conference. Copyright: Gary Dineen / NBAE via Getty Images.

But then Giannis did something remarkable.

He signed it. It took him the most money, and most of the years, to stay with the team that designed him, just like how the NBA system was designed.

It was not enough to suppress the conversation completely. Executives still wondered if it would be enough. If they came up short again, what would happen? With the way Superstars passed out of their businesses with their remaining years, who knows?

But here they are, NBA champions. Everything worked out. Even if the team never hits the top again, most teams and their fans would swap five-year draft assets for a title without much thought.

The lesson is of course split in two. You can’t roll it back and you shouldn’t blow it up just because something didn’t work.

The Bucks were largely considered old news going into the playoffs. Antetokounmpos lack of a jumper was too easy to plan in the playoffs. The Bucks shooters could not be trusted and they would always underperform. And Budenholzer was simply not made for the postseason.

Antetokuonmpo has shown something incredible on the free throw front. When you just don’t care about the stress of make-or-miss when you keep an eye on the prize by forcing the defense to foul you, limit their minutes and affect their rotations and give themselves the chance to win equalize on a bad average of 1.0 points per possession … then it doesn’t matter what you look like.

Count to 10 what you want. Say Giannis doesn’t have a pocket to her heart’s content. He’s still one of only two players in NBA history to take a title in Game 6 or 7 with 50 or more points in the NBA Finals. He made his free throws – 16 of 17 to be precise – and won the title.

In a league that in modern times was defined as driving rocket launchers from afar, Giannis’ Game 6 was hammer against iron for the ages. Just bend the sun’s defense blow by blow until it collapsed. It wasn’t a glorious set of moves and fading jumpers. Instead, it was about jumping over the defenders to keep stuffing the ball back into the basket from close range.

Giannis Antetokounmpo didn’t let the game sing for him. He beat the absolute hell out of it until it collapsed.

The Bucks shooters had their usual fights through Game 5 this postseason. On the road, in a 2-2 streak, the most unlikely place it could be, Milwaukee had the largest difference between their actual eFG% and expected eFG% playoff runs on three occasions. They shot out the lights at just the right time. Vacation played a major role in this.

And Budenholzer pressed all the right buttons. He played against the Suns Drop Coverage at the beginning of the series and later switched to a switch-all scheme in the games after the team was tired and desperate. He added Bobby Portis and removed Bryn Forbes when the matchup called for it.

Budenholzer faced 0-2 deficits against Brooklyn; 0-1 against the Falcons; and, 0-2 against the Suns, but came out on the other side. He adjusted his rotations and approaches to counter what was ahead of him.

Ultimately, the title of the Bucks is a beacon for small markets and superstars who are fighting for victory without any advantage. It’s an example for other stars in these cities that if things go well, they can reach the top.

The Bucks are betting on Giannis. Giannis bet on the bucks.

And their tickets were eventually redeemed.

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Confident Milwaukee Bucks Filed Trademark for “Bucks in Six” Ahead of NBA Finals Game 6



confident milwaukee bucks filed trademark for "bucks in six" ahead

How confident were the Milwaukee Bucks of winning Game 6 of the NBA Finals?

Confident enough that they applied for two stamps the day before the game: “Bucks in Six” and “Bucks in 6”.

The Bucks naturally prevailed 105-98 to win the series in six after losing two games to the Phoenix Suns. When it was over, the team was ready and offered fans a “Bucks in 6” NBA Champions jersey on their website.

The author of the phrase “Bucks in Six” is former Bucks player Brandon Jennings, who predicted in 2013 that the team would be the Miami Heat with LeBron, D-Wade, Chris Bosh and Ray Allen. Milwaukee lost in four.

Even so, the Bucks launched their own Twitter feed, “Bucks In Six,” which they were using again, saying at the time they had made equipment with Bucks in Six, proving that they used the brand in stores, a crucial step in making actually maintaining the brand.

Calls to Buck officials were not answered immediately.

Although Jennings is the author of the set, he has never claimed that he would or could be the owner.

“He couldn’t use ‘Bucks in Six’ for himself because he wasn’t entitled to the word ‘Bucks’,” said Josh Gerben of Gerben Law, a trademark attorney who discovered the filing on Friday morning.

It worked for the Bucks, unlike the New England Patriots.

Three days before the Patriots won a game against the Chargers in 2008 to advance to the Super Bowl, their owner, The Kraft Group, filed trademarks to take advantage of the Patriots’ perfect season if they had won the Super Bowl. The company registered the brands “Road To Perfection”, “19-0” and “Perfect Season”.

Despite the defeat against the New York Giants, the Patriots continued their search for the brands and received the “Perfect Season” in December 2016.

Even if they may not be, they could still benefit from others. It did so when the Los Angeles Lakers failed to win their third straight NBA title in 1989. Prior to the season, Lakers coach Pat Riley registered the “Three-Peat” trademark.

Riley made an undisclosed amount of money licensing to the Bulls in 1993 and 1996, the Yankees in 2000, and the Lakers in 2002.

There was more controversy in this submission as it did not include a team name. Riley never claimed he made the phrase up. Lakers players Byron Scott and Wes Matthews, whose son played for the Lakers last season, have both claimed they did but never considered using it as a trademark.

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Women’s 2020 Olympics Basketball Odds, Preview and Best Bets



women's 2020 olympics basketball odds, preview and best bets

Team USA basketball

Head Coach Dawn Staley, center, trains during practice for the U.S. women’s basketball team in preparation for the Olympics in Las Vegas on Tuesday, July 13, 2021. (AP Photo / John Locher)

  • A total of 12 women’s basketball teams will compete against each other at the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo
  • Team USA is a strong favorite with -1100 and wants to get a sixth gold medal in a row
  • Check out the competition layout, preview, and odds below

When the 2020 Tokyo Olympics kicks off, talented basketball players from women from around the world will speak out to compete for gold, silver and bronze medals in Tokyo, Japan.

The women’s basketball competition begins on July 25th, the start of the preliminary round, which ends on August 2nd. The quarter-final, semi-final and medal rounds will take place in Tokyo from August 3rd to 7th.

The layout of the competition is divided into three groups, with Canada, Serbia, Spain and South Korea included in Group A; France, Japan, Nigeria, and the United States make up Group B; and Australia, Belgium, China and Puerto Rico complete Group C.

Tokyo 2020 Olympic Basketball Odds for Women

teamOdds at DraftKings
South Korea+50000
Puerto Rico+50000

July 21st odds

DraftKings Sportsbook Olympic Games Promo – Bet $ 1, Win $ 100 If US Wins A Medal

As expected, the USA are strongly favored and are about to start the preliminary round after winning the last five Olympic gold medals. Team USA beat Spain for gold in the 2016 Olympics in Brazil, with Spain taking home silver and Serbia beating France for bronze.

USA tries to stay on top

While it’s for the sixth consecutive gold medal and eighth place overall, Team USA will try to stay on top of the world in women’s basketball again in Tokyo. At the 2016 Olympics, the US finished a perfect 8-0 overall while beating Spain to go for gold, and there’s no reason to believe the Americans won’t go for gold again in these games.

The US, led by head coach Dawn Staley, has a WNBA-strong roster of stars again, which is one of the reasons they are so popular. USA is invented by Las Vegas Aces’ Chelsea gray and A’ja Wilson; Minnesota Lynx Napheesa necklace and Sylvia Fowles; Phoenix Mercurys Brittney Griner, Diana Taurasi and Skylar Diggins-Smith; Seattle Storms Sue Bird, Breanna Stewart and Jewel Loyd; and Washington Mystics’ Ariel Atkins and Tina Charles.

The 2020 USA Olympic Basketball Team 🇺🇸🙌

– USA basketball (@usabasketball) July 14, 2021

The US has a mix of experience and youth in the squad, with six players now playing in multiple Olympics and six making their first appearance for Team USA. Even with some youngsters in the squad who bring this experience to the table, Team USA should still be on the podium at the end of the 2020 Olympics.

Favorites outside of the US

Outside of the United States, there are a few teams that could make things interesting in the silver and bronze medal battle. As can be seen in the betting odds below, which exclude the US, Australia (+280), Spain (+370) and France (+400) are three favorites for these other medals.

Olympic basketball odds for women excluding USA

South Korea+30000
Puerto Rico+30000


The Australian squad is made up of WNBA player Ezi Magbegor. cited and Stephanie Talbot from Seattle, Rebecca Allen from New York, Leilani Mitchell from Washington and Alanna Smith of phoenix.

Australia have an impressive squad that gave the US everything they could to in an exhibition game on July 16 and should be able to put themselves in a good position to fight for either silver or bronze in Tokyo.


The Spanish team will try for its second medal in history, led by a WNBA player Astou Ndour case from Chicago. Spain is also filled with former WNBA players or players drafted by WNBA teams. Spain was probably the toughest competitor to the US and so in 2016 could put together another strong run to upset Team USA this summer.

6⃣ players who can be the x-factor for their countries in # Tokyo2020!#Basketball 🏀https: //

– FIBA ​​# Tokyo2020 (@FIBA) July 21, 2021


France almost won a medal in Brazil in 2016 and fell by bronze against Serbia to go home empty-handed. In the 2020 Games, the French team will try to get revenge and grab a place on the podium. For the third consecutive Olympic appearance this summer, France will be led by WNBA player Gabby Williams from Los Angeles.

Best bid

At the start of the Olympics, it’s hard to imagine a scenario in which the United States doesn’t return to the top of the podium and take home gold again. Team USA is just too dominant, and the -1100 early betting odds directly reflect this, making it possibly the safest bet out there. If you’re in the mood for a team other than the US, Australia (+1100) and Spain (+1500) are interesting options.

Feel fresh in Tokyo! 🇺🇸 #USABWNT

– USA basketball (@usabasketball) July 21, 2021

When it comes to the odds without the US, Australia (+280) is the most intriguing option and could be the safest bet, although Spain (+370) and France (+400) are solid options too. One team that could become even more of an edgy tip in terms of odds without the USA is Canada (+500), which wants to take home a medal for the first time ever.

  • The choices (including USA): USA (-1100)
  • The Pick (except USA): Australia (+280)

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Mitchell Hansen


Mitchell has over seven years of journalism, marketing, communications, and digital experience, and has covered sports teams and leagues at all levels. He has spent more than five years covering the WNBA and NBA, among other things. You can follow him on Twitter @ M_Hansen13.


Mitchell has over seven years of journalism, marketing, communications, and digital experience, and has covered sports teams and leagues at all levels. He has spent more than five years covering the WNBA and NBA, among other things. You can follow him on Twitter @ M_Hansen13.

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Lessons From the Most Unpredictable NBA Season



lessons from the most unpredictable nba season

That was a strange year.

The NBA season closed its curtains on Wednesday evening and ended the sometimes turbulent season without a league-wide game interruption and crowned the Milwaukee Bucks champions.

When Adam Silver took the microphone to introduce the champions, he actually said, “We did it, we crowned a champion.”

In the end, it just took rampant bans due to COVID at the start of the season and a rushed schedule which, depending on who you ask, may or may not have contributed to a brutal flurry of injuries that not only defined, but shaped, the playoffs will also be next season.

The Phoenix Suns defeated the defending champion Los Angeles Lakers, who fell into the play-in area (!!!) after injuries to LeBron James and Anthony Davis, made the postseason and then lost Davis again due to injury. Then the Suns beat the Denver Nuggets without Jamal Murray and the LA Clippers without Kawhi Leonard.

It took the Bucks seven games to get past the Brooklyn Nets, who were without Kyrie Irving for 3.5 games and without James Harden for much of the series (and when he returned he wasn’t exactly the same Harden). They also beat the Atlanta Hawks with an injured Bogdan Bogdanovic, an injured Trae Young and no Deandre Hunter.

Every NBA champion was lucky. The Bucks and Suns played against the teams in front of them and beat them all. The crazy way this season played out doesn’t take anything away from a finals that basketball fans had a lot of fun with, nor does it put syntax next to the Bucks title.

Andrew D. Bernstein / NBAE via Getty Images. Pictured: Giannis Antetokounmpo # 34 of the Milwaukee Bucks.

However, it shows that bettors should be extremely careful in taking lessons away.

Yes, the Bucks will return their title team on defense. No major changes are expected in the roster, and its core is firmly anchored. You have to keep in mind, however, that the Nets rose 2-0, bringing the Bucks to seven without two of the Superstars they depended on in full health. The Nets are understandably the favorites for the next season.

Likewise, the Western Conference title should run through the Lakers again. There are reasons to be skeptical: Davis stayed healthy for a deep playoff run and that came after a three month hiatus in a bubble. The Lakers have made it clear their intention to improve their guard rotation.

Even so, they still have two of the top ten players in basketball.

The Suns have Chris Paul with a player option. It is widely believed that he will decline the player option and sign it again, but he needs to think about how much he wants to go on the chase.

But the more general idea to keep in mind is that the league’s voices at the start of the season all said the same thing: “This is going to be a mess.” And it was.

It is difficult to draw meaningful lessons from such a mess.

However, the first preseason game is said to be tipping 73 days after this letter – less than 2.5 months. Players will likely still be tired and some may still struggle with injuries if they made the playoffs late.

The Clippers will do without Leonard for most of the season. The Nuggets will likely go without Murray until after the All-Star hiatus.

We haven’t seen a schedule yet, but it should be closer to the 2018-19 one. That favors teams that tend to rest their stars, especially teams like the Nets.

In the coming season there should be a return to normal at least to some extent. So according to the free agency, this season’s outlier results should be viewed with caution. It’s been a strange year.

Stacy Revere / Getty Images. Pictured: A general view of a basketball during the Fiserv Forum game from Milwaukee Bucks.

On the other hand … the pressure and difficulty of this season may just have bruised the trees of the fruit teams. The Lakers may not have as good a squad as we think, especially with James turning 37 next season.

The Nets star trio may not be as reliable as necessary given Durant’s fairly severe injury history, Irving’s fairly severe injury history, and the number of miles on Harden.

The Bucks will gain confidence from this playoff run. You now know how to do that and how to adapt and assert yourself. Giannis is only 26. The Suns roster will only improve.

Is the NBA wide open?

Will the league return to the super-team dominated fashion that we have known for most of its history?

It’s probably somewhere in between.

The NBA’s margin of error for the title fight could be lower than any season in its 15 years. That will add more value to Longshot than is common in offseason betting, and less value to the super teams.

The Nets and Lakers will be there later. But think about which teams could benefit from chaos again next season.

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