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NBA Playoffs 2021 – At the tip of Kevin Durant’s shoe, the Milwaukee Bucks have finally reached half of their goal



nba playoffs 2021 at the tip of kevin durant's

The game could have been a movie, the action on the sidelines a soap opera, and the dialogue between Kevin Durant and longtime friend PJ Tucker a play.

But with all the drama that spilled onto the floor in an epic overtime game 7 on Saturday night that saw the Milwaukee Bucks outlast the Brooklyn Nets 115-111, all the exhaustion that led to fatigue and respectful hugs afterward, this was it the end result: the stars of the Bucks are healthy and are in the conference finals.

Whatever the Bucks’ mistakes – and they exist – this could be their golden chance for the golden trophy. It could be the best position they’ve had since Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Oscar Robertson in the 1970s. Not even these Hall of Famers won a Game 7 on the road for the Bucks.

Some time could be spent discussing why, given the Brooklyn injuries, it had to be so hard for Milwaukee to slip a few games – and almost the crucial Game 7 itself. But that was all prologue, them survived the series.

1 relatives

“We kept our cool throughout the series,” said Giannis Antetokounmpo after scoring 40 points with 13 rebounds in 50 minutes that ended up depriving him of many of his normal strength.

“We fell back 2-0, we were able to come back. We lost a game with 15” [points in Game 5]. And against all odds, we were able to come here in game 7, guard KD and win. “

Against all odds, maybe but definitely at the forefront of Durant’s shoe, which scratched the 3-point line as he took his last brilliant shot of his brilliant streak that gave the Bucks another chance.

The way the Bucks came through on this series was embodied by the Brook Lopez veterans center. The Stanford-trained tall man (though banned once for skipping lessons) seemed inexplicably forgetting that the shot clock was late in regulation and the Bucks absent-mindedly costing an important possession even though there had just been time off to be to organize .

But in overtime, when Durant ventured to get to the edge, Lopez stuck with the game and made an important block that helped keep Durant goalless in overtime – ultimately the deciding factor in the win.

Durant had a statistic that shouldn’t go down in history: 48 points in 53 minutes without leaving the floor. His performance on the series was one of the best for a losing player in league history. If there had been an MVP for the conference semifinals, Durant would have won it. And because of this, this win doesn’t get an asterisk next to the Bucks. They absolutely deserve it and overcoming Durant’s efforts feeds their hope for the rounds to come.



PJ Tucker called a tough foul on Kevin Durant and while KD is shooting free throws, he’s having fun with Durant’s mother on the sidelines.

One who won’t take it for granted is Tucker, who as a member of the Houston Rockets couldn’t get past Durant’s Golden State Warriors teams. For a split second, he thought he’d missed it again when Durant pulled the long, wild sweater over his arms that forced the extension.

“It hurts. It hurts me. That was a fight every single night,” said Tucker, whose back and forth with Durant spilled over to Durant’s family and friends at court in a good-natured way. “Getting over the hump is pretty nice.”

The bucks are of course not quite over the hump. Technically, they’re only halfway there.

They killed last year’s kite and sent the Miami Heat on a confidence-building sweep. Brooklyn opened as a big series and championship favorite and was even 49 points ahead of Milwaukee with James Harden on the sidelines in Game 2. Even on Saturday, sports betting installed the Nets as easy favorites, despite Kyrie Irving being out and Harden obviously still disabled.

The Bucks were 0-5 in Brooklyn that year and were notorious for screwing up tight playoff games. Jrue Holiday was a 2-of-17 shooter by the end of the fourth quarter. Khris Middleton couldn’t buy a shot. The referees allowed a brutal, physical game in that second-round final – Blake Griffin sometimes fought with Antetokounmpo, and the smaller nets survived in the trenches and got away with almost anything.

There are lots of great talent and great teams at home or on vacation. The bucks are still there.

“There have been many ups and downs in the series. There have been many ups and downs in this game. Everyone fought extremely hard,” said Antetokounmpo. “I got almost emotional out there, we really wanted that.” You don’t always walk down the aisle to get a master’s coronation. Sometimes you hit the other guy with the tip of his Nike shoe.

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Massachusetts Sports Betting Goes Through the House, Senate Debate Won’t Be Before Fall



massachusetts sports betting goes through the house, senate debate won't

Boston Red Sox mascot in legal MA sports betting

One scenario that is becoming commonplace in the US is states surrounded by other regions that allow legal sports betting.

This is the case in Massachusetts. States that share a border with MA generate income from sports betting and also attract their residents to visit and wager at their domestic venues.

Legal sports betting in Massachusetts got a big shot in the arm yesterday when two bills were approved by the House of Representatives and are now being sent to the Senate for further consideration.

The current language allows certain MA casinos to accept sports bets internally, but there are also highly profitable provisions for mobile sports betting applications and online betting.

The inclusion of mobile and online sports betting has fundamentally changed in terms of revenue collection and makes sense. When sports bettors can visit one of the many online sports bets in Boston instead of traveling to a casino, they simply grab their smartphone or laptop and place a bet online.

With Massachusetts sports gamers getting the best of all three worlds (stationary, online and mobile sports betting), there will no longer be the temptation to visit sports betting in New Hampshire or Connecticut (coming soon).

“I represent a borough that borders New Hampshire. In Haverhill, you can literally run across the New Hampshire border and place a bet. I know that my constituents who participate in sports betting would prefer to place these bets at home and in their own state, and that any proceeds would rather go to their home state of Massachusetts. “

MA representative Andy Vargas (Haverhill)

Massachusetts House Bill 3977 details

  • Domestic sports betting allowed AT:
    • Encore Boston Harbor
    • MGM Springfield
    • Plainridge Park Casino
  • Massachusetts Gaming Commission regulates sports betting
  • $ 5 million fee for mobile sports betting licenses
  • 5% tax on personal bets
  • 15% tax on mobile / online sports betting
  • 1% additional tax on bets placed on MA-based teams
  • Minimum age for sports betting 21
  • No NCAA non-team sports betting allowed

While the passage of this bill on sports betting in the House of Representatives is a promising indicator of the future, the Senate is in no way obliged to enter into discussions and this bill, or to create its own version.

The Massachusetts Senate is expected to draft its own bill on sports betting, which will eventually have to conform to the House of Representatives version, and political forecasters and forecast talks will begin in the fall of 2021.

A regulatory bill, 516, is also making the rounds, including allowances for Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS), which has been the main staple of online retailers for the past decade.

Part of the bill that is expected to cause trouble in the Senate is allowing up to 5 slot machines to be licensed to veterans organizations.

The only thing that is certain right now is that nothing is certain, but the move in the MA legislature is showing at least some positive moves towards legal sports betting. Until then, local sports players will resort to regional domestic options or offshore sports betting sites.

Source – NBC 10 Boston

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Tonga’s Olympic flag bearer Pita Taufatofua is oiled up, wearing no shirt and passed out on social media again



tonga's olympic flag bearer pita taufatofua is oiled up, wearing

Pita Taufatofua was back at the Olympics on Friday, holding the Tongan flag and fainting social media again.

It is the third time that Taufatofua has carried the flag for Tonga. It initially caused a stir at the 2016 Rio Games and then competed again at the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang.


On Friday, Taufatofua was shirtless, oiled and groundbreaking for his country. He went next to Malia Paseka, who competes on the female side of the Taekwondo event.

Taufatofua has qualified in Taekwondo for the 2020 Tokyo Games. He will compete in the men’s +80 kilogram category at the event. His first competition is on Monday against Vladislav Larin from the Russian Olympic Committee.


He took to the stage during the 2016 Rio Olympics as he flaunted his greased and torn body in front of a crowded house. It was the first time that the Olympic Games were held in a South American country. He was eliminated after his first fight in the competition.

Malia Paseka and Pita Taufatofua from Tonga carry the flag of their country during the opening ceremony at the Olympic Stadium of the 2020 Summer Olympics on Friday, July 23, 2021, in Tokyo, Japan. (Hannah McKay / Pool Photo via AP)

Malia Paseka and Pita Taufatofua from Tonga carry the flag of their country during the opening ceremony at the Olympic Stadium of the 2020 Summer Olympics on Friday, July 23, 2021, in Tokyo, Japan. (Hannah McKay / Pool Photo via AP)

The bare chest returned during the 2018 Winter Olympics when he ventured into cross-country skinning. He was the only Tongan to perform at these games and did not seem to be affected by the cold at the time. He finished 114th out of 119 participants in the 15-kilometer freestyle race.


He first tried to qualify for the 2020 Games in the sprint canoe, but only came up short. He later returned to the Olympic team for the second time in Taekwondo.

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4 takeaways when the Red Sox rallied three times to outlast the Yankees, 5-4



4 takeaways when the red sox rallied three times to

Red Sox

Hunter Renfroe’s sack fly ultimately made all the difference in a back and forth fight.

The Red Sox congratulate Hunter Renfroe. Elise Amendola / AP Photo

The Red Sox made up three deficits against the Yankees on Thursday, scooping an unlikely 5-4 win in 10 innings to open a four-game streak at Fenway Park.

Here’s what happened when the Red Sox snapped the Yankees’ four-game winning streak.

The big picture

Until their last out, the Red Sox equalized with 3 in ninth place on a double-run double from Kiké Hernández, who scored Alex Verdugo and Jarren Duran. Hern ández joked that it would probably have been a home run in Buffalo, but even so, he was thrilled to help the Red Sox with what manager Alex Cora called his biggest hit with the team to date.

“It was definitely the loudest thing I’ve heard from Fenway this year,” said Hernández.

The Yankees reacted in the 10th when Brett Gardner rode a sacrificial fly in Tyler Wade. Rafael Devers rushed home on a wild rope in the lower part of the frame to knot it at 4. Xander Bogaerts left, finished second on a wild rope and third, and came home with a Hunter Renfroe sacrificial fly that sealed it and sent the Fenway believers into a frenzy.

Both teams took advantage of runner-up in the Extras, and the Red Sox had the last laugh as All-Star seamstress Matt Barnes took the win. The four wild pitches of the Yankees relief Brooks Kriske in one inning set a record in the major league regular season.

“There are a lot of guys who fight their asses,” said Kriske. “It sucks being the one to blow it for the team.”

Stars of the game

For the Red Sox, it was Verdugo – who finished 3-for-4 with two runs and was keen on the base paths – and Hernández for his Moxie in the late game. Without Verdugo’s hustle and bustle, the Red Sox would not have finished the game in seventh and given themselves a chance. Without the hit by Hernández they would not have gotten extras.

For the Yankees, it was starter Jordan Montgomery who scored six goals in 5 ⅔ goalless innings. The left-hander only allowed three hits and was just as sharp after a rain delay of almost an hour.

What it means

The Red Sox, who defeated the Toronto Blue Jays in a series of two games, are unbeaten at home by the Yankees and 8-3 against them for the season. You’ve been 4-2 since the All-Star Break and are 59-38 a year.

The Tampa Bay Rays outlasted the Cleveland Indians by 5-4 in 10 innings, so the Red Sox are still one game ahead of the Rays in the American League East. Boston has three more against the Yankees, four against the Blue Jays and three against the Rays in the coming weeks.


1. Red Sox starter Tanner Houck started the night electrically, knocking out nine of the first 10 thugs he faced and beating six of them. He let the Yankees guess and relied heavily on his slider.

His command over three was excellent, but it proved costly to lead Brett Gardner and Giancarlo Stanton to start the fourth. Both passed with a pass, Gleyber Torres covered Gardner with a grounder to shortstop and the Yankees took a 1-0 cross.

Houck returned to a rhythm on the fifth round, registering another strikeout before allowing a rain-induced infield single where the ball bounced across the grass and was essentially unplayable. Then came the 55-minute rain delay and Houck didn’t return – a decision he understood and supported. He finished with eight strikeouts in 4 ⅔ innings, allowing only one undeserved run on two hits.

“Excellent,” Cora said of Houck. “The rain delay killed us right there.”

Houck stayed 0-2 in the season and lowered his ERA to 2.50. His 44 strikeouts are the third most shared by a Red Sox pitcher in the first eight career games.

He threw 33 sliders Thursday and got the Yankees swinging at 11, including seven misses.

“I knew immediately that the slider felt just right,” said Houck. “You won’t wake up every day feeling the best about everything. I went out and competed with what I had. “

2. Boston tied the game 1 in seventh on a Hernández sacrificial fly that hit Verdugo. Verdugo, who recently pulled out an infield single and recently pushed into third place on a hit, sprinted home and slipped his left hand in just before Rob Brantly could hit the tag.

Moments later, the Red Sox instantly got the Yankees going again. New York threw Bobby Dalbec out at home and then took two runs in the top of eighth on an RBI single by Giancarlo Stanton and a sacrificial fly by Gleyber Torres. Adam Ottavino went the first two thugs, Hernández misplayed a ball in the middle, and the Yankees effectively played small ball.

However, when the Yankees met again, so did the Red Sox – and again in 10th place. Every time New York pushed forward, Boston responded.

“It was a good fight,” said Cora, “and in the end we won.”

3. This was the MLB’s 30th best come-from-behind win for the Red Sox and one of the most unlikely.

Although they ended up scoring 10 hits to the Yankees’ four and making no mistakes, the odds were still stacked against them at several points during the night.

They relied on a variety of sources, including Duran, who pounded on Hernández’s ball all the way home from the start.

“As soon as the ball hit the gap, we knew it was going to hit,” said Cora.

They also turned to Josh Taylor, Darwinzon Hernandez, Ottavino, Yacksel Rios, and Barnes with relief. Ottavino fought in the eighth, but the other relievers combined for 4 ⅓ shutout innings.

4. Many familiar faces were in the house, including former Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman, former Red Sox outfielder JD Drew and first-round pick 2021 Marcelo Mayer, to name a few.

The Red Sox made the fans happy, put together another exciting win and stayed at the top of the league.

Houck said: “The atmosphere, there is nothing like it.”

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