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Packers fans don’t panic over Aaron Rodgers’ absence from the mini camp



packers fans don't panic over aaron rodgers' absence from the

GREEN BAY – Green Bay Packers fans visiting Lambeau Field didn’t panic when MVP quarterback Aaron Rodgers was absent at the start of the team’s mandatory minicamp on Tuesday.

“If anything, it’s better if Jordan Love gets all the reps,” said Tom Finkbeiner of Menomonee Falls. “Rodgers doesn’t need the exercise. Everyone knows he’s the leader. If he doesn’t show up by mid-August, he’ll still be the leader.”

Rodgers skipped a volunteer team meeting in May and failed to show up at the start of the mandatory minicamp on Tuesday as part of an ongoing dispute with the Packers. That decision could cost him $ 93,000 in fines.

Rodgers said little about what annoys him, but he seems angry at the Packers front office for failing to tell him they were designing Love last year. He pointed out that his MVP season last year disrupted the team’s plan to replace him as quarterback and he feels disrespected.

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For their part, the Packers have stated that they have an obligation to Rodgers and have no intention of trading him. You’re ready to do whatever makes the quarterback happy without replacing anyone in the front office.

A dead end seems to have been reached.

“I think he was expected not to show up for the mini camp,” Packers fan David Baker said in an email from his Oviedo, Florida home. “I think the situation has to be resolved at training camp. It seems Rodgers is looking for the long-term stability to retire on his own terms as a Packer and with his game last year the Packers are almost bound to get there. ” . “

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Baker said the Packers should trade love if it gives Rodgers a sense of security. He doubts a better contract will solve the problem. He is also concerned about how the Rodgers termination will affect other contracts, including that of Receiver Davante Adams or the signing of free agents.

Milwaukee’s Pat Pfersch, who was also at Lambeau Field Tuesday, admits the NFL is a player and team business, but believes that situations like this should be resolved outside of team activities.

“I would be happy if he were here. I think it means a lot to the organization (and) its teammates. Since I’ve played soccer myself, it’s important to have the whole team here, for whatever reason.” said Pfersch.

Rodgers has reportedly said through agents that he will not play for Green Bay again. If that’s true, maybe the Packers should move on, said Javier Rangel of Denver after touring Lambeau Field Stadium with his family.

“I wish the situation between the organization and Aaron were handled a little better. If he’s not happy, maybe they should leave him,” said Rangel. “I want him to have a happy rest of his career. He’s one of my favorite quarterbacks for a very long time.”

If Rodgers doesn’t play for the Packers, it won’t change Jacob Kvigne of Fort Pierre, South Dakota’s support for the Packers.

“When Aaron Rodgers sits out, retires, trades, I’ll be a Packers fan through and through,” he said.

However, Kvigne is confident that Rodgers will return to training camp in late July. He believes the Packers are one of Rodgers’ best chances to win another Super Bowl. The team has been 13-3 for the last two seasons and has lost in consecutive NFC championship games.

“I understand Rodgers ‘frustration with some of the things, but we also have one of the better offensives and we improved our defenses with Eric Stokes’ draft,” he said.

Finkbeiner agrees.

“I think the Packers’ best chance of winning a Super Bowl is with him. I think they’re really close,” he said. “But if he doesn’t come (back) then I have a business side. There’s definitely a part of me that thinks we’ll never get more for him than we do now. What if they get a decent draft pick? Package they have four years to find out what they have achieved with Jordan Love. Especially when they get two first rounds. “

Green Bay Packers quarterback Jordan Love trains during the mandatory minicamp in Green Bay on Tuesday.

The Packers’ schedule includes 10 games with teams that were in the playoffs last year. With the choice of Rodgers, Love, or free agent Blake Bortles as quarterback, the consensus is pretty unanimous.

“With Rodgers behind the middle, I love this year’s team and see we’re making a deep run as we have done in the last two years,” said Baker. “With Bortles / Love at the top, I think we’re closer to a team with five to eight wins, especially with the schedule we’re playing this year.”

Brookfield’s Dave Davel said in an email that he would enjoy watching Jordan Love get the Packers to the Super Bowl, but without Rodgers they probably won’t even make the playoffs.

He blames Rodgers and the Packers for the circumstances that reach this point.

“I disagree with what Aaron Rodgers is doing. He’s a very capable guy – certainly worthy of the HOF – but he shows up as headgear, ”said Davel. “His actions make you wonder if his head has gotten so big that he may not be able to play on the team regardless of the Packers doing his job.

“From a business perspective, I’m very concerned about Mark Murphy’s leadership of the team. It seems that there are too many ‘cooks in the kitchen’ and it is not clear to anyone who is responsible for what. “

When Rodgers returns to training camp, Rangel believes things will continue as normal.

“I think his teammates are behind him. I don’t think his failure to show will affect their work. I don’t think there will be any animosity,” he said.

Fans don’t want a replay of when Pro Football Hall of Famer Brett Favre left in 2008, unhappy that the Packers replaced him with Rodgers. Favre played one year for the Jets and two for the Vikings.

“There’s no reason Aaron Rodgers should be anywhere else than Green Bay. I want him to be a packer, I want him to retire as a packer. I don’t want to see him in a different jersey,” said Pfersch.

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Montreal Canadiens coach Dominique Ducharme symptom-free, hopes to return in days



montreal canadiens coach dominique ducharme symptom free, hopes to return in

MONTREAL – Canadien’s interim coach Dominique Ducharme said on Sunday that he had remained symptom-free two days after testing positive for COVID-19 and that he hopes to be back behind the bench during the Stanley Cup semi-final series in Montreal against Vegas.

Ducharme wore a dark blue collared Canadiens shirt, white hair and a familiar short stubble on his chin and spoke to reporters from an unknown location during a 12-minute video conference, his first comments since his mandatory isolation.

“I wish I could be on the rink now. I don’t feel any different than I did a week ago,” said Ducharme as the Canadiens prepared to host Vegas in Game 4 on Sunday night.

Montreal has a 2-1 lead in the series, Game 5 in Vegas is scheduled for Tuesday. If necessary, Game 6 will be played in Montreal on Thursday and Game 7 in Vegas on Saturday.

1 relatives

Ducharme was asked if he would have to spend 14 days in isolation.

“I’m confident I’ll be back before that,” he said.

Ducharme said he was fully vaccinated against the coronavirus and would end the two-week waiting period after his second vaccination on Wednesday.

It is unclear whether 48-year-old Ducharme will be able to return at this point.

“Until then, nothing has been confirmed. The organization is in contact with the authorities. It is a unique situation. We have been isolated since December,” said Ducharme in French.

Ducharme said no one he had contact with, including his girlfriend, tested positive. He said he was following NHL COVID-19 protocols when the Canadiens traveled to Vegas last week to open the series.

The Canadiens were restricted to certain areas of their Vegas hotel and had to take the bus to and from the ice rink.

Montreal, a member of the NHL’s Canadian North Division, is the only Canadian team to cross the line this season after teams were restricted to play within the division in the second round of the playoffs.

“It’s frustrating because I did everything you asked us to. I never exposed myself. I was so unlucky,” said Ducharme, who is in daily contact with his team and employees by phone and video call.

This is the second straight postseason that Montreal assistant Luke Richardson has had to step in in an emergency. Last summer, Richardson and former assistant coach Kirk Muller shared coaching duties after Claude Julien was hospitalized with chest pain after the first game of the Montreal-Philadelphia first-round series.

Julien missed the rest of the playoffs and resumed coaching that season before being sacked and replaced by Ducharme on February 24th.

It was difficult for Ducharme to watch out of isolation as the Canadiens recovered in Game 3 on Friday with a 3-2 win in extra time after two one-goal deficits.

“You feel helpless to watch and hope for the best. It’s a strange situation,” said Ducharme. “A special situation, but it was a special year. We’ve been through a lot. And we’ll get through that.”

The Canadiens had the worst record of the NHL’s 16 playoff qualifiers before upsetting Toronto and Winnipeg in the first two rounds.

The Golden Knights have already seen this scenario this postseason. Colorado Avalanche coach Jared Bednar missed a morning skate due to a COVID-19 test irregularity and was released in time to coach in Game 6 of the second round series against Vegas.

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Brooklyn Nets Guardian Spencer Dinwiddie wants to turn down the $ 12.3 million player option



brooklyn nets guardian spencer dinwiddie wants to turn down the

Brooklyn Nets Guardian Spencer Dinwiddie plans to turn down the $ 12.3 million player option on his 2021-22 contract and become an unrestricted free agent before the deadline on Monday, sources told ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski.

Dinwiddie missed most of the season with a cruciate ligament injury in his right knee and appeared in just three games. He tried to possibly get back to the NBA final, but the Nets were eliminated by the Milwaukee Bucks in the Eastern Conference semifinals on Saturday.

Dinwiddie, 28, has had a history of ACL injuries. During his junior year in Colorado, Dinwiddie tore his left ACL in one game and missed the rest of the season.

1 relatives

Dinwiddie was a key player for Brooklyn last season, starting in 49 games when Kyrie Irving and Caris LeVert were out injured. He averaged 20.6 points and 6.8 assists in the 2019-20 season but was diagnosed with COVID-19 in late June and did not travel to Orlando with the Nets to restart the season.

The 6-foot-5 Dinwiddie has averaged 12.9 points and 5.0 assists over portions of seven seasons with the Nets and Detroit Pistons.

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The Uganda Olympic trainer tests positive for Covid after arriving in Japan



Uganda Olympic Committee President Donald Rukare said the unnamed trainer had no symptoms. It is not yet clear whether the trainer, who is in a government facility, will be banned from participating or sent home.

The entire Ugandan Olympic delegation, which includes 26 athletes and 30 staff, has been fully vaccinated with two syringes of AstraZeneca, Rukare said.

Many received their second dose of the vaccine this month, about three months after receiving their first dose, Rukare said.

The eight others who arrived with the Covid-positive trainer have traveled to Izumisano City in Osaka Prefecture, where they will be housed, according to Izumisano City official Hideo Takagaki. Rukare said the octet is in a bubble and is being tested daily.

Japan's leading Covid-19 advisor says holding the Olympics without spectators is "he wishes"

More athletes and employees of the Ugandan Olympic team are expected to arrive in Japan in the coming days.

Ugandans are among the first to arrive in Japan ahead of the Tokyo Olympics amid security concerns as the country battles a fourth wave of Covid-19. The Asian host nation has fully vaccinated less than 7% of its population, and doctors are warning that an Olympic super-spreader event could bring Japan’s overburdened medical system to the brink. At least 10,000 of the 80,000 people who have signed up for help with the Games have already stopped, and Japan’s top coronavirus advisor said Friday that hosting the Olympics with no spectators would be “desirable”. Uganda’s Olympic athletes are some of the first people in the African nation to receive the vaccine – Uganda has one of the lowest vaccination rates in the world, with only 2 doses per 100 people. The country of 45 million people is currently battling a second wave with reported cases up 130% in the first two weeks of June. Uganda also has a relatively high test positive rate, with 19% of tests being positive according to Johns Hopkins University, suggesting that authorities are not covering all Covid-19 cases. This week has the Uganda Rugby Union tweeted that the Sevens national team withdrew from an Olympic qualifier in Monaco after reporting Covid-19 cases within the team.

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