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Save the DVD Player



save the dvd player

save the dvd player

Illustration by Derek BaconCar and driver

From theJanuary 2022 issue Car and Driver

Since then theThe advent of the iPad, I’ve questioned theFactory-in-car video and audio entertainment systems are worth their value. A pair of screens in your car will cost you more. An iPad costs $329 and isn’t attached to your headrest. But, I had a moment of profound insight and changed my mind. theThe tablet is not the only way to seatback entertainment bliss. We must save. the DVD players.

My 2020 Chrysler Pacifica comes with all kinds of rear-seat video options including HDMI ports. But the DVD player is our road-trip default. You can watch a movie in your car if you wish. the digital versatile disc is theIt is a great option. It doesn’t need broadband or batteries. It doesn’t need to be paired with any other device. You won’t have to pay for data with your cell phone because DVDs are inexpensive. You can just pop one in and then wait. theFBI warning. You have a mobile cinema experience. We hope you brought popcorn.

My 11-year-old son climbed into my car. theReporting back from a 2022 Infiniti ZX80 loaner, it was reported that it had DVD players. I had to drive three hours so I stopped by Walmart and bought some supplies. You might not be a connoisseur of these products. theChain’s massive DVDThese bins can be filled with movies at different prices. The $7.50 bin contained a four-disc Batman set, which included two Michael Keatons and a Val Kilmer. It also contained a George Clooney. the cart. I also grabbed the Hobbit trilogy and both original Bill & Ted flicks, Excellent Adventure and Bogus Journey. Now, we were ready to go on a road trip.

However, when we piled into theQX80 was realized theThe most fraudulent journey was theWe were about to take it, as there was no alternative. DVD players. The screen on theHeadrests are flipped forward and away from theSeat, causing my child to conclude that there was a DVDSlot the top. But no—flipping theScreen revealed an SD-card slot. An SD slot! That’s a good thing! It’s almost like downloading a movie, then copying it onto an SD Card.DVDThere are many levels of incontinence and illegality.

As with many modern cars, theInfiniti offers many other non-standard features.DVDMedia options are many, but they all depend on a strong internet connection or someone who has it. theIt was a good idea to have the media downloaded in advance. I tried theThis is streaming, in which you take a Roku and plug it into a Roku. theThe car’s HDMI port is not working. the QX80’s Wi-Fi required an AT&T subscription, and I couldn’t get theRoku was able to identify my phone and make it a hotspot. I had not downloaded any movies I could mirror. the screens. This requires planning. But you know what doesn’t require too much planning? Stashing a Bill & Ted DVDIt can be kept in your car for emergency situations.

With DVDMore players are getting theStellantis asked me if it was still in the box. thePacifica’s for the 2021 refresh. For most trims, the answer was “Yes”. But the Pacifica is the holdout. Stellantis killed the majority of its DVD2018 players To address theIssue of offline entertainment theJeep Grand Wagoneer can be ordered with Amazon Fire TV Auto. This TV will allow you to download movies directly to your vehicle. thecar, but theFine print states: “Vehicle must have active and usable cell range. Requires Wi-Fi data plans and an Amazon account. Streaming subscriptions are not included. I stared at Batman. DVDIt didn’t.

Michael SimariCar and driver

The in-car DVD player is a victim of unjustified techno-snobbery—it’s perfectly suited to its mission, but physical media just seems so archaic. I respond, “Let’s have our own!” theThrowback image It’s time to get up. Let’s get a QX80 Denon home theater system and let’s jam! theLobby scene from The Matrix. Technology doesn’t have to be obsolete just because it has been around for some time. Magazines are an example of this.

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