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Updated Odds to Win NBA Eastern & Western Conference – Hawks vs Jazz Finals Is Worth a Bet



updated odds to win nba eastern & western conference –

Donovan Mitchell

Donovan Mitchell and the Jazz could be a good bet to make it through to the finals (Photo by Brian Rothmuller / Icon Sportswire)

  • Updated odds for winning both the Eastern and Western Conference in the 2021 NBA Playoffs can be found below
  • Atlanta has long chances in the east; Utah has short quotas in the west. Could they meet in the final?
  • See the odds with all running 2nd round series in the following story

No NBA team is perfect, and it’s very important to keep that in mind. The Brooklyn Nets are probably the best, but James Harden’s hamstring has sidelined him again. And that makes a super team less great.

The Utah Jazz have been perfect since losing Game 1 of the first round to Memphis, and they are currently facing a team from Jekyll and Hyde Clippers that were exhausted from playing seven games against Dallas.

The hawks have very high odds. The Jazz have very short quotas. But if you believe in both, there are ways you can turn that belief into a nifty bet, as the odds of winning the Eastern and Western Conference are skewed by the sports betting that keep their biggest liabilities down.

But step by step. Let’s look at the east.

Chances of winning in the NBA Eastern Conference

teamOdds at DraftKings
Brooklyn Nets-286
Philadelphia 76ers+350
Milwaukee Bucks+700
Atlanta Hawks+2500

June 9 odds

FOX Bet Promo gives bettors an insane 100-1 odds on the 76s for only 76 or more points in any game against the Hawks

Where are things in the east?

The Nets destroyed the Bucks so much (Game 1 was 115-107; Game 2 was 125-86) that Giannis Antetokounmpo and Co. look completely demoralized. Harden lasted less than a minute in Game 1, but the Nets still dominated. Two nights later, Brooklyn lost 65 at the Bucks in the first half and was up 24 at break. The final margin of 39 allowed the Nets to cover 41.

Milwaukee is getting very little from second fiddle Khris Middleton (13-for-43 in the series), and while Jrue Holiday is an upgrade from last year’s starter Eric Bledsoe, he has only managed nine assists and no steals on that series. Antetokounmpo only had 18 points in Game 2 and is a hideous 2v10 from the free throw line, and the Bucks’ body language is just north of rigor mortis.

Nets should exclude Giannis Antetokounmpo free throw trolling

– New York Post (@nypost) June 9, 2021

The Hawks, after playing from far ahead and holding out in Game 1, dropped Game 2 118-102 last night and were outdone by 14 in the second half. Joel Embiid struggled through a knee injury (meniscus tear) and scored 40 points with 13 rebounds, which helped Philly overcome a four-point night from Ben Simmons, who is 3 to 12 off the foul line in the series.

Expect Nate McMillan to use Hack-a-Ben in Games 3 and 4 in Atlanta, where the building will be full and the crowd is just as excited as Philly’s. The difference: All the pressure is on the Sixers after their recent history of playoff failures.

The Hawks have proven their resilience to the Knicks after that series was 1-1 and there’s no good reason they can’t do it all over again. Her list is just as talented as Philly’s. But sports betting took a lot of money from the Sixers, hence the short odds.

ATL We’re coming home, bring the energy!#We’re moving

– Trae Young (@TheTraeYoung) June 9, 2021

Chances of winning in the NBA Western Conference

teamOdds at DraftKings
Utah Jazz+100
Phoenix suns+250
Los Angeles Clippers+300
Denver nuggets+1300

Where are things in the west?

In contrast to the east, the four best-placed teams all came from the first round. And unlike previous seasons, at this point in the postseason, we don’t have LeBron James, Steph Curry, or Damian Lillard – so no one says, “Nobody’s going to get past this guy.”

But as you can see from the odds, the West is pretty even with the exception of the Nuggets, who trailed 0-1 against Phoenix in Game 2 on Wednesday. The Suns got an even score from their starters and had a 24-9 run bridging the third and fourth quarters in the opener. But that was just one game and the Nuggets have MVP Nikola Jokic who only had 22 points, three assists and zero free throws in Game 1.

It was from that moment that the world could see just how special the Suns fan base is.


– Phoenix Suns (@Suns) June 8, 2021

Losses don’t really worry the nuggets. Last season they became the first team in NBA history to return after two 3-1 deficits. The Suns have two very experienced players in Chris Paul and Jae Crowder, but coach Monty Williams is heavily reliant on his starters and it was the exception rather than the norm in Game 1 when they all scored at least 14 points.

Denver really misses Jamal Murray. Austin Rivers has been average since joining the team mid-season and quickly moving up to the top five. Monte Morris didn’t perform well on Monday, shooting 1 in 10 after scoring 28 and 22 in the last two games against Portland.

Here’s what it takes to recover in Phoenix tonight.#MileHighBasketball

– Denver Nuggets (@nuggets) June 9, 2021

What is the betting strategy?

Assuming the best team is from the west, you should believe that the best team is Jazz, who made the third highest in NBA history with 1,205 three-pointers. They were the only team to score more than 10 threes in each game.

The leap of faith comes with Trae Young and the Hawks learning on the fly under Nate McMillan after an overhaul brought them Bogdan Bogdanovic, Danilo Gallinari and Lou Williams.

Talent is there; It is not experience. But if they get past Brooklyn (Young plays exceptionally well in New York) it will be the franchise’s first trip to the finals since 1961. At +2500 they are the nicest bet on the market. And an exact final between Atlanta and Utah costs +5000 at PointsBet. Good luck!

Author's picture

Chris Sheridan

Sports journalist

Sports journalist

Chris Sheridan has been reporting on sports betting since 2018 when PASPA was lifted. A seasoned journalist with over 30 years of sports coverage experience for the Associated Press, ESPN, SheridanHoops and, he has been at the forefront of sports betting coverage since legalization.


Chris Sheridan has been reporting on sports betting since 2018 when PASPA was lifted. A seasoned journalist with over 30 years of sports coverage experience for the Associated Press, ESPN, SheridanHoops and, he has been at the forefront of sports betting coverage since legalization.

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June 20th NBA Props – Best Player Prop Bets for Suns vs Clippers Game 1 & 76ers vs Hawks Game 7



june 20th nba props – best player prop bets for

DeAndre Ayton, Phoenix Suns

LOS ANGELES, CA – DECEMBER 17: Phoenix Suns Center DeAndre Ayton (22) looks on during an NBA game between the Phoenix Suns and the Los Angeles Clippers on December 17, 2019 at the STAPLES Center in Los Angeles, CA. (Photo by Brian Rothmuller / Icon Sportswire)

  • One NBA playoff series begins while another ends on Sunday June 20
  • As always, the player props market offers an exciting opportunity to get involved in the action
  • Check out the player props available for the top players taking to the floor in the story below tonight

Father’s Day is guaranteed to be full of action as the NBA is putting out a day / night double head for all dad weathers. Both series are set in drastically different locations as one war is just beginning while the other has reached a breaking point.

Game 1 of the Los Angeles Clippers and Phoenix Suns series will be released on ABC at 3:30 p.m. ET. Both teams will be missing stars as the Clippers ‘Kawhi Leonard and the Suns’ Chris Paul will be absent. When they’re done, we’ll see Game 7 of the Atlanta Hawks and Philadelphia 76ers at 8:00 p.m. ET on TNT.

A great place to find extra action is in the player prop market. Check out the table below to see the lines of the players speaking tonight. Scroll down to see two of the better bets on the board.

June 20th NBA player props

Clippers against sunsPoints at FanDuelReboundsSupportedMade three pointers
Paul George (clipper)29.5 (Ov -116 / Un -106)9.5 (Ov -118 / Un -104)5.5 (Ov -118 / Un -104)2.5 (Ov -178 / Un +138)
Nicolas Batum (clipper)10.5 (Ov -106 / Un -116)6.5 (Ov -130 / Un +106)2.5 (Ov +126 / Un -154)1.5 (Ov -172 / Un +134)
Marcus Morris (clipper)15.5 (Ov -110 / Un -110)5.5 (Ov +104 / Un -128)1.5 (Ov +120 / Un -148)1.5 (Ov -188 / Un +146)
Reggie Jackson (clipper)17.5 (Ov +100 / Un -122)3.5 (Ov +126 / Un -154)4.5 (Ov +124 / Un -150)2.5 (Ov -156 / Un +122)
Terance Mann (clipper)13.5 (Ov +100 / Un -122)4.5 (Ov -108 / Un -112)1.5 (Ov -140 / Un +114)2.5 (Ov +124 / Un -156)
Devin Booker (suns)30.5 (Ov -110 / Un -110)5.5 (Ov -108 / Un -112)6.5 (Ov -112 / Un -108)2.5 (Ov +128 / Un -164)
Deandre Ayton (suns)15.5 (Ov +100 / Un -122)10.5 (Ov +106 / Un -130)OUTOUT
Mikal bridges (suns)12.5 (Ov -112 / Un -108)3.5 (Ov -138 / Un +112)2.5 (Ov +136 / Un -168)1.5 (Ov -158 / Un +124)
Jae Crowder (suns)11.5 (Ov -110 / Un -110)4.5 (Ov -122 / Un +100)2.5 (Ov -108 / Un -112)2.5 (Ov -122 / Un -104)
Cameron Payne (suns)15.5 (Ov -104 / Un -118)3.5 (Ov -140 / Un +112)6.5 (Ov +112 / Un -138)1.5 (Ov -170 / Un +132)
Falcons against 76sPoints at FanDuelReboundsSupportedMade three pointers
Joel Embiid (76)31.5 (Ov -112 / Un -108)12.5 (Ov -128 / Un +104)3.5 (Ov +110 / Un -134)1.5 (Ov +114 / Un -146)
Ben Simmons (76s)12.5 (Ov -110 / Un -110)7.5 (Ov -122 / Un +100)7.5 (Ov -140 / Un +114)OUT
Tobias Harris (76er)21.5 (Ov -106 / Un -116)7.5 (Ov +106 / Un -130)3.5 (Ov -102 / Un -120)1.5 (Ov +124 / Un -158)
Furkan Korkmaz (76er)9.5 (Ov -106 / Un -116)2.5 (Ov -114 / Un -106)1.5 (Ov +120 / Un -148)1.5 (Ov -154 / Un +120)
Seth Curry (76s)16.5 (Ov -102 / Un -120)3.5 (Ov +128 / Un -158)2.5 (Ov +112 / Un -140)3.5 (Ov +114 / Un -146)
Trae Young (falcon)30.5 (Ov -106 / Un -116)3.5 (Ov -128 / Un +104)10.5 (Ov +104 / Un -128)2.5 (Ov -170 / Un +132)
John Collins (falcon)15.5 (Ov -122 / Un +100)8.5 (Ov -114 / Un -106)0.5 (Ov -235 / Un +186)1.5 (Ov +112 / Un -142)
Clint Chapel (Falcons)11.5 (Ov -104 / Un -118)12.5 (Ov +110 / Un -134)0.5 (Ov -128 / Un +104)OUT
Kevin Hürter (Falken)12.5 (Ov +100 / Un -122)3.5 (Ov -150 / Un +122)2.5 (Ov -102 / Un -120)1.5 (Ov -184 / Un +142)

June 20th odds

Man got up again

Without Kawhi Leonard, the Los Angeles Clippers should fold like a cheap suit against the Utah Jazz. Because being on the road against number one in the west without being your best player is hardly a place where a team wants to be. Most teams don’t have Terence Mann in their squad.

Terence Mann’s CAREER NIGHT (39 PTS, 7 3PT, 71% FG) drove the @LAClippers to a series victory in game 6!
Performance of the Night is presented by Kumho Tire.

– NBA Canada (@NBACanada) June 19, 2021

After Mann had scored 13 points in 25 minutes in Game 5, he exceeded the requirements in Game 6 with a career high of 39 points. He was special in every sense of the word and came through at a time when the Clippers needed him most. What stood out to me the most was the number of shots he took when his attempts crept into the 1920s.

Man won’t sneak up on the suns tonight, but weather really doesn’t need him when they look at his triple. He made 15 tries in two games with Leonard on the shelf and can count on maintaining the volume today. If he takes six or seven today, it can be assumed that he can do two of them. Given that we get +120, it’s a bet that’s worth it.

The choice: man over 1.5 made threes (+120.))

DraftKings Sportsbook Promo gives bettors 100-1 odds on every NBA playoff game

Embiid is home tonight

Joel Embiid was Jekyll and Hyde when he looked at the home columns in the Hawks 76ers series. At home he has not scored less than 37 points in any of the three games, while on the road he has not yet scored more than 27 points in a game. Not only do the bettors notice, but he has also given a guarantee.

Joel Embiid with a confident promise for game 7

Full observations from game 6:

– NBC Sports Philadelphia (@NBCSPhilly) June 19, 2021

The Hawks have done little so far to slow down Embiid in Philly. We don’t need to warm up anything. If you’ve got two eyes and a functioning brain, you already know that Embiid is a one-man wrecking crew right now. It will be the focus of the 76’s offense and is unlikely to be stopped. He should also play long minutes to give the Hawks an opportunity to come back from what appears to be any deficit.

The hard part for today is finding a good price, but it’s easy with FanDuel’s alternative lines. Right now we can get above 33.5 at +134 which is more than okay in my opinion. It only takes one bucket more than most bettors get, but the payout is way better than the -110 offered for that number. This is a good bet.

The choice: Embiid Over 33.5 points (+134.)) * Alt line

This article contains links to external sports betting services. SBD can generate advertising income from these links, but the editors have selected each individual link based on relevance to the article, without affecting the reach.

Author's picture

John Hyslop


John has been doing sports betting on a daily basis for the past 20+ years and is considered by many to be an encyclopedia for walking sports betting. From obscure player props to sides and sums, if there’s a nook and cranny, John will find it.


John has been doing sports betting on a daily basis for the past 20+ years and is considered by many to be an encyclopedia for walking sports betting. From obscure player props to sides and sums, if there’s a nook and cranny, John will find it.

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Bucks NBA Championship Odds Shorten to +145 After Clinching Spot in Eastern Conference Finals



bucks nba championship odds shorten to +145 after clinching spot

Giannis Antetokounmpo dribbles in court

Milwaukee was +800 to win the title before the playoffs started but has now dropped to +145 after posting from Brooklyn. (Photo by Brian Rothmuller / Icon Sportswire)

  • Milwaukee is the new favorite at the 2021 NBA Championship Odds
  • The Bucks eliminated the Brooklyn Nets in seven games and made it to the Eastern Conference finals
  • Below is updated NBA championship odds and analysis on whether or not Milwaukee is worth a bet at its new price.

The Milwaukee Bucks go to the finals of the Eastern Conference. Giannis Antetokounmpo and his team outlasted the Brooklyn Nets in a highly competitive Game 7 of their 2nd round on Saturday and survived another magical feat by Kevin Durant.

Milwaukee is now expecting the winner of the Atlanta Hawks-Philadelphia 76ers series finals on Sunday and will play either at home against the Hawks or en route in Philly for Game 1 of the conference finals on Wednesday. Regardless of the opponent, the Bucks will be the favorite of the series as they now have the shortest title chances of any remaining teams.

Odds for the 2021 NBA championship

teamOdds at FanDuel
Milwaukee Bucks+145
Phoenix suns+230
Philadelphia 76ers+440
Los Angeles Clippers+440
Atlanta Hawks+3000

June 19th odds.

Milwaukee’s NBA Championship odds were +450 prior to the Game 7 win, but have now been reduced to +145.

Many pundits believe the Bucks and Nets were the top two teams in the playoffs, and with Brooklyn out of the picture, Milwaukee’s chances of claiming the first title since 1971 have never been better.

Fear the deer

The Bucks were dead after losing a 17 point lead against the Nets in Game 5, but they made a spectacular recovery. They completely dominated Game 6 at home and won Game 7 in extra time. Their stars lived up to their bill, producing on-time buckets and big defensive stands during the most important moments of the game.

Built for it.

– Milwaukee Bucks (@Bucks) June 20, 2021

Milwaukee racked up 9 steals and 7 blocks, and despite giving up 48 points to Durant, they kept KD goalless in OT. In fact, the Bucks only allowed 2 points in overtime and limited the nets to 1 out of 12 out of the field.

Antetokounmpo led with 40 points and 13 rebounds over 50 minutes, scoring at least 30 points for the sixth time in seven games. The Greek freak has double-doubled in all 11 playoff games this year, averaging 32 points a night against Brooklyn.


– Milwaukee Bucks (@Bucks) June 20, 2021

His running mate Khris Middleton hit the decisive shot of the series as part of his 23-point performance and averaged 28 points in the last five games of the series.

The Bucks led the NBA in points per game in the regular season, and with Antetokounmpo and Middleton playing at every level of the world, it’s hard to imagine a team slowing Milwaukee down.

DraftKings Sportsbook Promo gives bettors 100-1 odds on every NBA playoff game

Milwaukee has the fewest question marks

Not only does Milwaukee have the best 1-2 score of any remaining team, it also has the fewest question marks. Aside from Donte DiVincenzo’s injury, the team is relatively healthy, which cannot be said of their future opponents.

RT IF MOOD !!!!!!

– Milwaukee Bucks (@Bucks) June 20, 2021

Let’s start with Philadelphia. Joel Embiid, the heart and soul of the Sixers, continues to play through a knee injury despite being clearly affected by it. Ebmiid has shot below 38% in two of the last three games and has had to leave the games regularly for treatment. That is aggressively handcuffing Philly, and they won’t be able to win games against the Bucks if their superstar is gone for a long time. The Ben Simmons puzzle also works against Philly. The former 1st overall win is such an offensive commitment that they had to place it in key moments of the 4th quarter of a competitive game against Atlanta.

Speaking of the Hawks, they’re a wonderful story, but they’re still a couple of pieces away from being a serious contender for the title.

Thank you for bringing the energy into her #DeerDistrict as always! 🔥🗣👏

Congratulation, @Bucks! #FearTheDeer

– Deer District (@DeerDistrict) June 20, 2021

To the west, Phoenix’s Chris Paul is on the league’s health and safety protocol making his status unsafe, while LA’s Kawhi Leonard suffered a severe cruciate ligament injury that put his season at risk. Regardless of who’s from the west, if this team goes missing one of their stars, they won’t beat this Milwaukee team.

Keep backing the dollars

We hit the drums for Bucks futures before the playoffs started and there’s no need to stop now. No team that is left has the kind of depth of scoring and defensive strength like Milwaukee, and they will be major favorites no matter who they face.

Giannis Antetokounmpo is the fifth player in NBA postseason history to score 40+ points and 10+ reps in a Game 7 alongside Tim Duncan (2006), Charles Barkley (1993), Jerry West (1969) & Elgin Baylor (1962)

– ESPN statistics and info (@ESPNStatsInfo) June 20, 2021

They have heart and health on their side and one of the most dominant players in the game. They should kick yourself if you didn’t get them at +800 before the postseason or +550 before the start of Round 2, but don’t let that stop you from helping them now.

Tip: Milwaukee Bucks +145

Author's picture

Chris Amberley

Sports journalist & editor

Sports journalist & editor

Chris started his career over 15 years ago at Hockey Night in Canada. Since then he has worked for TSN for over 12 years as a writer, line-up producer, field producer, newsroom supervisor for Sportscentre and currently as a promotional producer.


Chris started his career over 15 years ago at Hockey Night in Canada. Since then he has worked for TSN for over 12 years as a writer, line-up producer, field producer, newsroom supervisor for Sportscentre and currently as a promotional producer.

Source * – * Source link

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June 19th NBA Props – Bucks vs Nets Game 7 Player Props and Best Bets



june 19th nba props – bucks vs nets game 7

Giannis Antetokounmpo holds the ball near his head with both hands

Giannis Antetokounmpo and the Bucks will face the Nets in a crucial Game 7 on Saturday. (Photo by JB Autissier / Panorama / Icon Sportswire)

  • The Bucks and Nets will meet in a crucial Game 7 on Saturday
  • With several star players speaking, there are certainly some valuable player prop bets to watch out for
  • Get the full player propeller odds and best bets below

The Bucks and Nets go to a crucial Game 7 on Saturday after Milwaukee pulled through on Thursday night to level things out at three.

Khris Middleton and Giannis Antetokounmpo both fell 30+ in the home court win, even though the Bucks shot just 21% from downtown. On the other hand, Kevin Durant continued his historic postseason with 32 points of his own. However, James Harden is still struggling to return to full strength due to a hamstring injury. With Kyrie Irving out again, the Brooklyn duo has to show up here.

Read on for the full player prop odds, courtesy of FanDuel.

Bucks vs Nets game 7 player props odds

Bucks vs NetsPointsReboundsSupportedMade three pointers
Giannis Antetokounmpo (dollar)33.5 (O -118 | U -102)13.5 (O -128 | U +104)4.5 (O -134 | U +110)1.5 (O +144 | U -186)
Khris Middleton (dollar)25.5 (O -102 | U -118)6.5 (O -130 | U +106)4.5 (O -115 | U -104)3.5 (O +126 | U -162)
Jrue Holiday (Dollar)19.5 (O -118 | U -104)5.5 (O -102 | U -120)6.5 (O -128 | U +104)2.5 (O +148 | U -192)
Brook Lopez (dollar)12.5 (O -112 | U -108)5.5 (O -138 | U +112)N / A1.5 (O +128 | U -164)
Kevin Durant (Networks)35.5 (O -116 | U -106)11.5 (O +100 | U -122)5.5 (A +112 | U -138)2.5 (O -178 | U +138)
James Harden (nets)N / A6.5 (O-110 | U-110)7.5 (O -144 | U +118)2.5 (O -136 | U +106)
Joe Harris (nets)12.5 (O -122 | U +100)3.5 (O -128 | U +104)1.5 (O +122 | U -150)2.5 (O -154 | U +120)

Odds as of June 18.

Middleton rises

Khris Middleton was absolutely brilliant in Game 6, scooping a team high of 38 for the Bucks. He scored in every imaginable way and was the # 1 catalyst on their offensive.

In fact, Middleton has been very impressive all of the postseason. He averages 23.3 points, 7.8 boards, and 4.1 assists in 10 games while shooting an impressive 39% from a long distance. Across the board, those numbers are a jump from the regular season aside from the three-point shootout.

While Giannis was still causing damage, Middleton was the one who stepped up and hit clutch shots during the playoffs, including a dagger earlier in this Nets series. Although the 29-year-old only reached the points over in two of his last five games, he saw the 25th place in game 5.

After all, this is Milwaukee’s biggest game of the year. The Greek freak and Middleton have to do their best and I have no doubt that the former Texas A&M star will be successful again after his game on Thursday. Apply the points.

Tip: Khris Middleton over 25.5 points (-102)

The insane BetMGM promo allows bettors to wager $ 20 on any event and win $ 100 even if their stake loses

Can’t stop KD

Durant was arguably the best player in the 2021 NBA playoffs. His ability to score from wherever he wanted was fully on display, averaging a ridiculous 33 points and 9.3 rebounds with 41% off-arc shots.

Game 5 was really a magical show for KD, racking up 49 points, 17 boards and 10 assists for the win. It is noteworthy that he basically wore this team in the second round, with Irving falling out in the last two games and Harden still trying to get through an injury.

We consider one of the most talented goalscorers the NBA has ever seen. While his total score is extremely high, so do superstars. You step onto the biggest stage. Brooklyn needs him at his best to move forward, and that’s exactly what he’s going to do. Take that over.

Tip: Kevin Durant over 35.5 points (-116)

Author's picture

Quinn Allen

Sports journalist

Sports journalist

Quinn Allen is a sports journalist with a background and training in broadcast journalism (BCIT ’17). He writes on European football, basketball and baseball for numerous websites around the world.


Quinn Allen is a sports journalist with a background and training in broadcast journalism (BCIT ’17). He writes on European football, basketball and baseball for numerous websites around the world.

Source * – * Source link

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